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All Aboard the Omnibus

Quality, speed, budget-friendly. You usually have to pick two and sacrifice one, but you can get all three with omnibus research by TEAM LEWIS.

With results in as fast as 24 hours and coming in at a fraction of the price of custom surveys, omnibus market research is a time- and cost-effective method to capture the voice of the public.

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Our Approach

Identify the Story 

TEAM LEWIS works with you to determine the ideal headline and the data needed to convey that story. 

Compose Questions 

Partner with TEAM LEWIS to draft objective survey questions that will deliver accurate responses that reflect the true feelings of public opinion in your target market. 

Submit Survey

Sit back while the public speaks! TEAM LEWIS handles all the logistics of survey design, data collection, and generating actionable insights. 

Deliver Results

TEAM LEWIS assembles a top-line report summary and easy-to-digest crosstabs, so results are ready to use internally and externally. 

Global Reach

We’re not just a global agency. We’re a global team. We have 24 offices around the world. Our regional HQs are San Francisco, London, Munich and Singapore. Our clients span the globe. And, so do our campaigns. No matter the timezone, language or task at hand – we have the experience and expertise to deliver.

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