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A unique collaboration

Over the past decade, Adobe has grown from a software supplier to a frontrunner in the creative community, and young creatives have plenty of talent and skill, but often they don’t have a portfolio to match. Adobe wanted to bridge the gap between young creative talent and businesses to promote their online platform, Behance.

With the help of LEWIS, Adobe partnered with Dutch DJ duo, Lucas & Steve to launch a competition that would tap into the young creative market and capture attention.

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Together with Adobe, LEWIS came up with a campaign called ‘Remix it, Refresh it, Redesign it’. The goal was clear: to engage a young target group with a range of creative applications within Adobe Creative Cloud.

Together with video company Inpicto, LEWIS made a mini-documentary and a number of videos in which the drive and passion of the DJ duo comes to the fore. Lucas & Steve advised viewers to realize their dream by seizing and creating opportunities.

In addition to these videos – which formed the starting point for the final campaign – LEWIS took the initiative in producing the complete social, content and PR campaign. LEWIS was responsible for the social media strategy, activation campaign, content calendars for Europe and not forgetting creating the content. Everything ultimately referred to the design competition for the new release of Lucas & Steve.

The assignment and story of the competition were brought from the point of view of Lucas & Steve. They challenged students to be just as inventive and daring to show as they did in their early years. We asked students across Europe to create the new artwork for Lucas & Steve’s single release “Where have you gone (Anywhere)”, and encouraged them to use the products from Adobe Creative Cloud.

The work of all participants was collected at Behance, shown and assessed by a specially composed jury. The winner was invited to visit the Amsterdam Dance Event for five days in October 2018. In addition, the winning work was used on all channels of Lucas & Steve (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, etc.).



Competition Entries


Campaign Video Views


Views of the Artwork on Spotify


Trial Versions Downloaded

The campaign successfully increased not just brand awareness of Behance, but awareness of all the products that Adobe Creative Cloud has to offer. In addition, the campaign emphasized once again that Adobe believes in the power of collaboration and creativity. The results of this campaign were above expectations.

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