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Content drives a successful brand future: Jaguar PACESETTER Magazine


Jaguar Land Rover is the UK’s largest car manufacturer known for SUVs, off-road vehicles and luxury sedans. With the launch of their first electric car, I-PACE, the tone was set for a new era. With advanced concepts of mobility and technological development, Jaguar noticed target audiences now require a fresh approach to communication. In this case, “entertainment first, automotive second,” Jaguars’ I-PACE target audience included a diverse, younger, more feminine, urban and independent group. Coupled with their affinity for e-mobility and digitalization, the new audience also favors a more progressive and sustainable lifestyle. In order to expand brand content by e-mobility and address the new target audience, with the support of LEWIS, PACESETTER – a content hub in the guise of an online magazine – was launched.


Editorial Storytelling: I-PACE sets the pace

Stories are the heart of content with the new I-PACE. As a medium between corporate publishing and content marketing, PACESETTER tells stories about digitalization, sustainability, fashion, sports, travel, mobility, motor sports and much more. The influencer-based lifestyle magazine also reports on people, ideas, products and companies that not only keep the pace, but set the pace in their field. Operating as content creators and not as advertising partners, Jaguar enlisted the LEWIS editorial team, bloggers and influencers to ensure a credible mix of topics and relevant content.

Likable and shareable

Selected content partners and influencers are able to share their content on the PACESETTER platform, as well as provide brand exposure through their own channels. When it comes to the distribution of editorial stories, features and interviews, we ensure the presented people, brands and products fit the specific channel of communication. In addition to continuous SEO, Jaguar’s paid and native approach to media channels align with targeted framework and constant increase of reach.


Since the launch in April 2018 there has been:

  • more than 80 articles published in PACESETTER Magazine
  • more than 150,000 page impressions
  • a social reach of over two million
  • average retention period longer than two minutes

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