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Join us on Thursdays as we deep dive into the trends that are defining the future of marketing.

Your hosts, TEAM LEWIS VPs of Digital and Paid Media, Nicole Allen and Rex Petrill, will be joined by in-house experts, clients, and partners to break down how brands can outsmart the competition and win with compelling omnichannel creative campaigns that last.

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In 2022, brands can’t think outside the box—they must break it. ​ 

Brands must engage in unexpected ways. In order to survive and thrive in 2022, brands will move away from doing just to do, speaking just to speak and spending just to spend.  

2022 is about connections—connections with your audience, connection across your organization—to craft smarter, nimbler and more successful campaigns. 

Say goodbye to marketing isolation. And hello to integration. 

22 Trends for 2022

Outsmarting the competition requires a grasp on global signals. From supply chain disruptions to inflated stock markets, volatility is projected to persist in 2022. How will your brand respond? Here are 22 trends business leaders should keep top-of-mind to outperform the competition.

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2022 Trends and Insights

Say Hello to Integration that Outspends Outsmarts & Outperforms

Our work isn’t just about cool campaigns and vanity metrics. It’s about solving problems. Being innovative. Embracing creativity. Understanding what is really needed. Delivering results. 

Want to know how your brand can outsmart the competition in 2022? Get in touch with our experts today!