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Your COVID-19 Toolkit

The impacts of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 are being felt across industries globally. In times of uncertainty and fear of the unknown, it is now more important than ever for resources and help to be readily available. Whether it is implementing business continuity plans, adjusting value propositions to align with the evolving crisis, strengthening strategic muscles or preparing for post pandemic, we are here to help.


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The Economist | Business

America hits Chinese biotech—and its own drugmakers

A sweeping bill in Congress could cost patients at home…

Generative AI is a marvel. Is it also built on theft?

The wonder-technology faces accusations of copyright infringement…

Productivity gurus through time: a match-up

James Clear v Arnold Bennett…

TSMC’s American chipmaking plans grow $25bn more ambitious

They still pale next to its Taiwanese endeavours…

The Economist | International

Would you really die for your country?

Military conscription is on the agenda in the rich world…

Who’s the big boss of the global south?

In a dog-eat-dog world, competition is fierce…

Thirty years after Rwanda, genocide is still a problem from hell

Mass killings are at their highest level in two decades…

Narendra Modi’s secret weapon: India’s diaspora

Migrants help campaign for the prime minister at home and lobby for the country abroad…

Why young men and women are drifting apart

Diverging worldviews could affect politics, families and more…

The Economist | U.S.

How two small Texas towns became the patent-law centre of America

Are entrepreneurial judges a good or a bad thing?

O.J. Simpson’s defence was a harbinger of post-truth politics

Ignore the facts, believe in conspiracies…

New Jersey’s electoral process just got upended

Andy Kim is fighting against some high-level political arcana…

Fox News

Biden claims uncle vanished after crashing in area of New Guinea with cannibals; military has different story

President Biden visited Pittsburgh on April 17, 2024, where he claimed his uncle vanished during WWII after his plane crashed in New Guinea, where cannibals lived.

Pat McAfee, co-hosts lambaste ESPN colleagues' Bill Belichick reporting: 'I’m glad we’re not a part of it'

Pat McAfee has been critical of his ESPN colleagues before. This time, he and his show co-hosts criticized a report about Bill Belichick.

Jason Kelce's Super Bowl ring 'officially gone' after chili pool diving competition

The Kelce brothers hosted The Great Lombaby Games at the University of Cincinnati, where competitors leaped into a pool of Skyline chili.

Arrest made in 2017 murder of DC police officer

Baltimore prosecutors announced Wednesday the arrest of 24-year-old Dion Thompson, who is accused of killing Washington, D.C. police Sgt. Tony Mason Jr.

JESSE WATTERS: Trump was greeted with love and affection by the very people the press tells you he hates

Fox News host Jesse Watters reacts to the love former President Donald Trump is receiving from voters across the country despite the media's false claims about him.

The Guardian

Australia news live: Greens warn of ‘massive indexation hit’ to Hecs/Help debt in June; first person charged in investigation into Wakeley riot

Meanwhile, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel has called for peace in his first statement since Monday night’s church stabbing attack. Follow today’s news headlinesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastMarles continues br…

Bondi Junction stabbing: Pakistani security guard injured in Westfield attack may be offered residency

Anthony Albanese says people such as security guard Muhammad Taha, who showed ‘extraordinary courage’ during the attack, should be thankedFollow our Australia news live blog for latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or…

China sounds warning after Philippines and US announce most expansive military drills yet

Exercises starting on Monday will be the first to be held outside Philippines’ territorial waters, and come amid a rise in tensions in the South China SeaPhilippine and US forces will carry out their first ever military exercises outside the south-…

Nasa chief warns China is masking military presence in space with civilian programs

Bill Nelson told Capitol Hill lawmakers that China has been ‘very, very secretive’ about its space progress, warning ‘we are in a race’The head of Nasa has warned of China bolstering its space capabilities by using civilian programs to mask m…

Los Angeles police officer who killed girl, 14, in department store will not face charges

Officer shot and killed both a man who was attacking customers and Valentina Orellana-Peralta, who was hiding in a dressing roomA Los Angeles police officer who fatally shot a 14-year-old girl inside a clothing store in 2021 will not face charges, th…

New York Times

Aung San Suu Kyi Moved to Unknown Location Amid Heat Wave

The unexpected relocation was attributed to a heat wave, and came as the military government is facing increasingly emboldened rebel forces.

A Timeline of Britain’s Troubled Plan to Send Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

The U.K. government hoped to pass a bill this week, two years after the plan was first unveiled, in an effort to override a ruling by Britain’s highest court.

Israel Will Respond to Iran’s Attack, Cameron Says

Top diplomats from Germany and Britain traveled to Jerusalem to urge Israel not to respond in a way that risked a wider regional conflict.

Heavy Rain and Floods Kill 19 in Oman and Disrupt Dubai Airport

A year’s worth of rain fell in one day in some areas across Oman and the United Arab Emirates, bringing cities to a standstill.

A Year’s Worth of Rain Fell in Dubai on a Single Day

The United Arab Emirates had its largest rainfall in 75 years as a year’s worth of rain fell in Dubai alone, temporarily halting flights. More rain is expected into Wednesday.

South China Morning Post

Time for animal abusers in China to face proper justice

A student expelled after beating a cat has prompted debate about morality and the lack of animal cruelty laws. Lawyers say it is difficult to define abuse or decide which animals to include, but tough laws could also ultimately help protect people fr…

Stabbed Sydney bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel forgives attacker: ‘you are my son, I love you’

Emmanuel, who was slashed in the head and chest during the attack at the Assyrian Christ The Good Shepherd Church, said he was recovering quickly.

‘Handsome’ Beijing man harassed by woman at bus stop who chased and tried to hug him

A man in China’s capital, who was pursued and pestered in public by a woman he did not know says harassment can happen to anyone.

Hong Kong attracted nearly 2,000 professionals earning at least HK$10 million annually, figures for last year show

Influx of high-earners, many of whom will likely need teams of workers, could create more jobs, experts say.

How a little known spin-off of Chinese battery giant CATL has come to dominate the global home energy storage market

Ampace is betting on a boom in home energy storage systems and the ‘batterification’ of tools and electronic devices as it aims to solidify an already dominant position in a part of the market away from electric cars and smartphones.

The Straits Times

Gigantic marine reptile’s fossils found by British girl and father

Researchers said the bone, called a surangular, was from a type of ocean-going reptile called an ichthyosaur.

Telegram boss says messaging app hits 900 million users

Telegram has committed itself to never disclosing any personal information about its users.

US, Italy agree to work together to counter spread of misinformation

The memorandum also included a commitment to assist other countries against foreign attempts to interfere in their elections.

Columbia University president takes heat at congressional antisemitism hearing

Minouche Shafik responded to the accusations strongly denouncing antisemitic behaviour by students and professors at the university.

Going ‘backwards’? Whistleblowers slam Boeing safety culture

Lawmakers have expressed alarm at testimony about alleged widespread manufacturing and quality control problems throughout Boeing’s fleet.

Sydney Morning Herald

‘We’re the ones who work our butt off’: Titmus wants swimming to follow prizemoney lead

World Athletics’ announcement of prizemoney for athletes at the Paris Olympics has put pressure on other sporting bodies to follow suit.

Why Beveridge has to go – and the man who should replace him

Pressure is building on Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge, and despite public denials from both the club and coach, it is clear that the relationship is strained and change is needed.

Despite its title, God really doesn’t get much of a mention in this offbeat play

From the playwright behind The Whale comes another exploration of male vulnerability – this time via a bond formed through fatherhood issues.

US and China’s mounting debts could hurt us all

Rising government debt and deficits in the world’s two largest economies could have spillover effects to the rest of the global economy.

Identical twin Caitlin is unhappy with her sleeveless wedding dress

Twins Caitlin and Kristen want the same style of wedding dress and are unhappy when stylist Gok Wan presents a different option on Say Yes To The Dress: Lancashire.


LimeWire AI Studio Review 2023: Details, Pricing & Features

 In the rapidly advancing landscape of AI technology and innovation, LimeWire emerges as a unique platform in the realm of generative AI tools. This platform not only stands out from the multitude of existing AI tools but also brings a fresh app…

Top 10 AI Tools in 2023 That Will Make Your Life Easier

 In this article, we explore the top 10 AI tools that are driving innovation and efficiency in various industries. These tools are designed to automate repetitive tasks, improve workflow, and increase productivity. The tools included in our list…

Top 10 AI Content Generator & Writer Tools in 2022

Are you looking for a way to create content that is both effective and efficient? If so, then you should consider using an AI content generator. AI content generators are a great way to create content that is both engaging and relevant to your audien…

Beginner Guide to CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) in 2022

Image by vectorjuice on FreepikIn this CJ Affiliate guide, I will share with you everything you need to get started on the platform, I will give you an in-depth look at the network and how it works.You will learn how to earn money with the platform.


   The marketing industry is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to save time and execute smarter, more personalized campaigns. 61% of marketers say AI software is the most important aspect of their data strategy.  If…

Wall Street Journal

Inside Amazon's Secret Operation to Gather Intel on Rivals

Staff went undercover on Walmart, eBay and other marketplaces as a third-party seller called “Big River.” The mission: to scoop up information on pricing, logistics and other business practices.

Inside Amazon's Secret Operation to Gather Intel on Rivals

Staff went undercover on Walmart, eBay and other marketplaces as a third-party seller called ‘Big River.’ The mission: to scoop up information on pricing, logistics and other business practices.

JPY, KRW Strengthen Slightly After Japan, Korea, U.S. Issue Joint Statement

JPY and KRW strengthened slightly against USD after a joint statement from Japan, Korea and the U.S. acknowledging “serious concerns” of Japan and Korea about the recent sharp depreciation of their currencies.

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A top secret operation at a warehouse in Seattle sells beach chairs and woks under the name Big River. It’s actually Amazon.

23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki Plans to Take Company Private

The intentions, revealed in a public filing, comes after the once-hot company’s share price closed at a new low and its enterprise value falls below zero.


Delta Is an iOS Game Boy Emulator That (Likely) Won’t Get Taken Down

A new app called Delta that lets iPhone owners play old Nintendo games is available on the App Store. Apple removed a similar emulator Monday.

The Atlas Robot Is Dead. Long Live the Atlas Robot

Before the dear old model could even power down, Boston Dynamics unleashed a stronger new Atlas robot that can move in ways us puny humans never can.

Big Tech Says Spy Bill Turns Its Workers Into Informants

One of Silicon Valley’s most influential lobbying arms joins privacy reformers in a fight against the Biden administration–backed expansion of a major US surveillance program.

Sony's TV Lineup 2024: New TVs, New Direction

OLED takes a step back as the brand embraces the brightness wars with some powerful new weapons.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Ultra Review: A Powerful Laptop

This behemoth of a laptop is ultrapowerful with great battery life, but it has some quirks and a scary price.


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