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August 6, 2019


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By 2020, 85% of customer service interactions will be powered by chatbots. What does this mean for marketers? It’s time to leverage this rising technology or be left behind. Listen to this episode of The 360 as we discuss the power of chatbots, specifically within a brand’s crisis communications strategy.

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In this episode of The 360, we sit down with Chris Lewis, CEO, and founder of LEWIS, to define the infamous bot. We delve into the ways marketers can utilize chatbots in their crisis comms planning and take a look at the future of communications…after the bots take over.

A plan is the most important tool brands need in terms of crisis communications. Before creating a plan, marketers must use their imaginations to predict the source of a crisis. Once potential sources are identified, brands can leverage chatbots and their automation capabilities to respond to keywords and phrases across social media and websites in real-time. Automated responses solve the first problem that usually follows a crisis: too many comments or inquiries and not enough resources to properly respond.

Chatbots can act as an early warning radar and the first line of defense when there’s a sudden spike in trigger keywords on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They can take on fairly routine crises and provide faster response rates on a more personal level. Customers can immediately engage on social media or your website to find out how a crisis affects them and, more importantly, how your brand is resolving the issue.

Bots will become more sensitive to information as the worlds of conversational marketing and artificial intelligence continue to blend. They will have the ability to highlight and counteract common misunderstandings and factual inaccuracies customers often experience.

Stop reading and start listening!  This bonus episode of The 360 sheds light on how bots can be leveraged in crisis comms, the tools you need to get started, what the future has in store and more.

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