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LISTEN: Who Cares... Podcast

Join us as we talk to innovative charity leaders to discover what it takes to lead a charity.

Your host, Kyle Biller will be joined each week by a guest host from TEAM LEWIS as well as the leader of a community charity from around the world. The podcast will explore how charity leaders are making an impact on their community. We find out why charity leaders started their organization, the inspiring work they are doing, the challenges they face, and the future of the third sector.

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The world continues to face uncertainty. Conflict, climate crisis and COVID dominate the agenda. As we confront these global challenges, local community-led charities battle for their survival.

By talking to the leaders at the heart of local charities, we aim to learn how businesses, politicians and charities can work together more effectively.

Our communities are stronger together. Find out Who Cares… and how we can all support causes that matter, and make a real difference.