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28 May 2019





Webinar: Social Media in the Era of Consumer Experience

Today, consumers hold more power than ever – to influence, create and at times, even dictate change. More often than not, the catalyst for change takes place on social media. In order for brands to avoid playing catch-up, they need to clearly understand the role of social media marketing.

Have consumers redefined the way brands use social media platforms now? How can marketers navigate social media to effectively meet the needs of their target audience?

In this webinar, hosted by Fairil Yeo, VP of Transformation, APAC, we will take you through the vital role of social media marketing and how marketers can leverage the world of social beyond amplification, and in line with consumer experiences.

During this session, we will cover:

  • The role of social media marketing in the consumer-driven digital economy
  • How to build a connected consumer experience
  • How to use social media to inform or shape your other marketing initiatives/campaign




Meet your host

Meet your host Fairil Yeo