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Published on

March 5, 2020


Business continuity, Business planning, Crisis, Guide

As communicators, we need to understand our critical role in ensuring businesses continue to operate, even in uncertain times.

Technology has enabled information and news to travel faster than ever. In a way, this has brought us closer to each other and made the world seemingly smaller. But it has also proved to be the catalyst to spreading panic, anxiety and distress, especially when businesses are caught off guard by social and operational disruptions, epidemic outbreaks, strikes and general uncertainty.

And while it may be difficult to wrap your head around how you can help keep business as usual in that moment, unpredictability has always been a key part of a communicator’s role.

LEWIS has helped clients from all across the globe cope with challenges during such times of uncertainty. To share some of the best practices we’ve learned along the way, we have developed a short Business Not As Usual guide where we outline the key steps to help your brand power through these times.

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