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December 19, 2019


Confessions of a Content Creator is a monthly podcast where we spill the tea and unveil the secret sauce around all things content marketing. Grab your coffee and have a listen.

The LEWIS Content Team, a rag tag group of passionate writers and marketers, eagerly dish their best kept content secrets. Join our gurus, Hannah Brozek and Dustin McManus, as they confess tips and best practices when it comes to making meaningful content. Whether you’re new to the world of writing or you’re a seasoned pro, Confessions of a Content Creator reveals a few tricks of the trade to strengthen your content strategy.

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EPISODE 01Season’s Tweetings

Seasonal activations are a great way to take advantage of consumers being in the holiday spirit. But how do you create content that not only taps into this cheerful mindset but also shines a spotlight on your business and how it can benefit the user during this festive time? Join hosts Hannah & Dustin as we break down how you can use themed content to capitalize on buyer mania.

EPISODE 02Become a Better Writer in 15 Minutes

Writing is intimidating, but in a world where the written word drives everything from sales to finance, improving your writing is one of the best investments you can make in your career. What’s more, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. Join hosts Hannah & Dustin and special guest, Content Specialist, Zach Dubin, as they touch on quick pointers that can have you writing, if not like Shakespeare, then at least like the smart force of business you are.

EPISODE 03Gazing Into the Future of 2020 Content Marketing

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year –– predictions season! With 2019 wrapping up and the dawn of a new decade on the horizon, it’s time to reflect back on the good, the bad and the downright awesome content marketing trends that defined the year and where we’re headed in 2020. Discover what our content experts, Hannah Brozek and Dustin McManus, have to say about what the future of content marketing holds.

EPISODE 04The ABCs of E-Book

E-book creation: easier said than done, right? Many brands out there view e-book creation as a daunting task, when in reality any content marketing team can easily create their own e-book if they simply follow a structured process. From creating a workback schedule to asking SMEs the right questions upfront, to a diligent drafting process, a successful e-book is right at your fingertips. Join hosts, Dustin and Hannah, to learn the ABCs of key asset creation outlined in this episode.

EPISODE 05Writing for S-E-Uh-Oh

Not only is writing hard but to add insult to injury, writing for SEO sounds so terrifying you just freeze up and then give up. Join us as we demystify writing for SEO. In this episode, we get our Director of SEO, Nicole Grodesky, together with Content Specialist, Brianna Hernandez, to discuss how important it is to incorporate SEO best practices into every web page for an SEO-friendly content strategy.

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