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Sally O'Neill

Published on

December 11, 2018


global campaign management, international campaigns, LEWIS Hub

Today we launched an updated version of LEWIS Hub. We have had this capability to serve global and regional clients for over a decade. However, the fundamental shifts and dynamics taking place in the world of marketing required us to not just iterate but to reimagine.

The old adage ‘think global, act local’ has its roots in the environment, urging people to protect the planet by taking action in their own local community. However, it is now commonplace in the vernacular of international businesses to operate both globally (efficiencies), and locally (market cultures, customs and nuances).

Talking to our clients about their communications strategies, they face similar dilemmas. They need control and consistency, but also agility and flexibility. They need to adapt their brand, messages and products locally, yet deliver a clear and consistent brand experience to customers globally. They need to deliver this brand story across multiple channels, time zones, audiences and stakeholders. There are lots of moving parts and they need to work together, like a Swiss-made watch, for effective marketing engagement. This is why we created LEWIS Hub many years ago, and why we’ve reinvented it now.

We needed to accommodate the needs of our clients who want localized campaigns across multiple markets, yet need to gain from the benefits that a centralized approach brings in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and economies of scale. Moreover, as brands look to fuse disciplines, the need to understand this fusion, plus global and local marketing requirements takes both traditional agency expertise but also more consultancy-led services.

So, we’re launching a new style of LEWIS Hub. We’ve expanded our team of international campaign experts who can manage and provide a central client point of contact for global or regionally-led campaigns. They sit across our global network of offices so they understand their local market while also having an appreciation of other cultures and market needs. We find that taking an integrated approach to PR, digital and marketing campaigns across markets drives collaboration. This in turn improves efficiency and consistency, and ultimately drives performance and innovation that improves business outcomes.

We’ve responded to clients who say they want a mix of tactical coordination and strategic services by building a model that encompasses multi-market agency management, content creation and delivery and strategic consultancy services across creative, design and analytics. Our maturity model helps clients recognize what they have now and what they need in the future, so they can plan budgets and resources effectively over time. They can grow and expand their services as they build and enhance their own global marketing models.

Ultimately, greater collaboration, streamlined processes and working towards common goals will not only ensure companies can act global and local, but most importantly, deliver measurable business impact. Check out more details on the international campaign management services we can provide.

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