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Published on

July 16, 2020


marketing, public relations

Looking for Your Core Message?

Within marketing and communications, there are countless ways you can describe what it is your business does.

For example:

Positioning: this is what we do (and others don’t)
Proposition: this is what our products or services do
Purpose: this is why we’re doing it
Brand values: this is what’s important to us
USP’s: this is what makes us special
Vision: this is the future we’re working towards
Mission statement: we do this to create a better future

The problem is, messaging is often considered from the inside-out: this is us, this is why we’re unique, this is what makes us better than the rest. But before you conquer the world, you need to explain yourself from the
customer perspective.

In this LEWIS guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why core messages matter
  • What makes a strong core message?
  • How many core messages do you need?
  • How to build a messaging house
  • How to put it all into practice

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