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Noelle Conrad

Published on

January 8, 2021


HR, LEWIS journeys

Hear more from Noelle Conrad, Digital Marketing Specialist, about her journey to TEAM LEWIS.

How did your career path begin?

When I finished my graduate program, I was in a similar situation most new grads find themselves in…what’s next? I have a degree in communications and furthered my studies in cultural and creative industries but didn’t know how to start or even where to start my career.

But there was a few things I was sure of:

  1. I wanted to work somewhere with a global presence, selfishly, because I love to explore the world, and maybe I can have that opportunity at my workplace (Hello Secondment!!).
  2. I knew I wanted to explore a career in the communications industry but I didn’t have much experience in one specific area to decide which area of the industry I wanted to find myself in.

What brought you to LEWIS?

During my countless job applications, many of which I just threw out to the universe pretending I could maybe manage the job, I grew tired, increasingly discouraged and decided maybe it was time to take a new approach in exploring my options. That’s when I landed on LEWIS’ open role for “Operations Assistant.” I thought it was perfect because I would have the opportunity to see what both PR professionals and digital marketers do day-to-day with the hopes of eventually expanding my role into one of those areas.

How do you feel your career has developed at TEAM LEWIS?

As I began my role, my manager at the time was very encouraging of where I saw my career going and my professional interests. This opened the door to working on the internal LEWIS marketing team and finding that digital marketing is something I loved to do and voila! Here I am! Starting my role as an Ops Assistant and having a company that supports growth in whatever direction I chose was extremely helpful in not only determining my comfort in speaking up about things I am interested in, but also created an environment where learning new things is always welcomed.


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