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Stephen Oakes

Published on

May 10, 2018


public relations

Think You Know Technology Public Relations? Take this Quiz!

Question marks

1. Marc Andreessen is best known for:

a. Evangelizing PCI-DSS for the financial services industry
b. Popularizing the use of CRM software
c. Co-authoring Mosaic, the first widely used web browser
d. Who is Marc Andreessen?

2. Which of the following terms will likely make a reporter gag when reading your pitch?

a. Frame the dynamic
b. Digital disruption
c. Game changer
d. All of the above

3. 5G is:

a. The standard agency monthly retainer for a mid-size tech company
b. An abbreviation for 5th generation wireless systems
c. Another name 50 Cent considered early in his career
d. The speed at which a space capsule re-enters Earth’s inner atmosphere

4. Which company didn’t exist 15 years ago?

a. Google
b. Apple
c. Amazon
d. Facebook

5. URL stands for:

a. Universal Resource Locator
b. Unrestricted Relay Location
c. Uber Road Logistics
d. Unallocated Retainer Leftover

6. Which of the following is NOT related to either the Tesla/SpaceX CEO, a European trade agreement or a walrus?

a. Elon Musk
b. Benelux
c. Ivory Tusks
d. Pudding

7. A key advantage of SD-WAN is:

a. The ability to deploy sensors along a network in order to measure its efficiency
b. Closer integration of routers with ERP software
c. Simplifying the management and operation of a network by decoupling the networking hardware from its control mechanism
d. Bringing edge intelligence to distributed networks such as the IoT

8. “Wi-Fi” is correct according to AP Style.

a. True
b. False

9. In networking, high latency refers to:

a. Relatively short transmission times
b. Relatively long transmission times
c. Hardware that is present but not visible
d. Connection of a large number of devices

10. Almost done! What would you like to do after this?

a. Take a walk in the woods
b. Dive into a pool
c. Dive into an empty pool
d. Call it a day


For more (attempts at) humor to ease your stressful day, have a look at the LEWIS Say No to Nonsense series of short videos. There we make fun of agency-speak and well…ourselves.

Just please don’t steal the idea of shooting a rocket into the sun to make a solar storm of sales. We think that’s a real disruptive game changer that’ll reframe the dynamic.

Want to take our interactive version of this quiz? Click here.

Answer key:
1.) c 2.) d 3.) b 4.) d 5.) a 6.) d 7.) c 8.) a 9.) b 10.) a,b,c or d, though we don’t recommend c.

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