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July 9, 2019


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With the flood of accessible content, how can B2B brands stand out and stay relevant to their audiences? With an effective content marketing strategy. Listen along to this episode of The 360 as we discuss what you need to create a solid content strategy.

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On this episode of The 360, we sit down with Freek Janssen, Head of Content in the EMEA region for LEWIS. We discuss current trends in content marketing and dive into the importance of a solid strategy and how it can benefit your business.

So, why is a solid content marketing strategy important?

An effective content marketing strategy is something simple, that anyone has access to. It is important this strategy includes a clear and shareable experience beyond your audience.

With a rise in the phenomenon, “brand journalism,” organizations have to start thinking like a publisher. What makes your brand stand out, what about you is interesting to your audience and how can you target your audience and more with relevant and actionable insights.

Content marketing for B2B organizations is especially important because they have the expertise and extensive shareable knowledge that their customers, target audiences and more are looking for. Creating content that sets up your organization as a thought leader in your field allows you to stand out from competitors while not solely focusing on sales.

Freek Janssen

The 10 Steps for a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed by the saturated amount of content being thrown at you. Janssen illustrates that with this ten-step content marketing strategy, your B2B business can create effective evergreen content that stands out, inspires and provides actionable insights.

  1. Identify your Business Goal
  2. Find your Audience
  3. Focus on your Key Message
  4. Pick your channel
  5. Repurpose your Current Content
  6. Find What your Audience is Searching For
  7. Start a Content Calendar
  8. Pick Your Angle
  9. Optimize your Content
  10. Measure the Effectiveness of your Content

Follow these ten steps to evolve your content marketing strategy, increase brand awareness, engagement, leads and reach your unique KPIs.


I think one of the biggest misperceptions about content strategy is that it’s something really big and hairy and audacious. A good strategy is something quite simple, anyone can have access to it and use it when they are developing content.


Learn more about content strategy: Access our webinar, B2B Content Strategy in 10 Steps or download our white paper, The Ultimate Guide for a B2B Content Strategy.

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