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October 30, 2018



Today’s world is being shaken by geopolitical and economical shifts that include the coming to power of President Trump, Brexit and the rise of nationalism. The world is in a state of flux and leaders are being blindsided by waves of populism.

In the Leadership Lab Podcast, best-selling author Chris Lewis and megatrends analyst Dr. Pippa Malmgren explain why many of the leadership lessons we’ve learned from the 20th century no longer apply in the 21st century.

Inspired by the recently released, best-selling book, the nine-episode series shares how listeners can adapt to political, social and technological changes to strengthen their own leadership narratives. By understanding how geopolitical and economical forces interact, listeners can develop a real intuition on how to deal with the global currents. Covering economics, infrastructure, media, geopolitics, technology, psychology and popular culture, the Leadership Lab Podcast is a must-listen for all types of leaders and executives.


Learn more about each Leadership Lab Podcast episode:


Episode 1: Explore the impact information overload is having on us – including everything from our ability to make sense of the world to the creative process.

Listen Now | Download Podcast – Ep. 1


Episode 2: Explore the new world economy and how leaders can better manage a fast-changing macroeconomic environment.

Listen Now | Download Podcast – Ep. 2


Episode 3: Examine the impact technology is having on our behavior, including our becoming more impatient as a society.

Listen Now | Download Podcast – Ep. 3


Episode 4: Explore the rising tide of frustration and cynicism globally and what leaders must do to help create a common cause and reverse the trends towards greater division.

Listen Now | Download Podcast – Ep. 4


Episode 5: Learn about the infrastructures and the geopolitics of the world and how the East and West are converging in their goals.

Listen Now | Download Podcast – Ep. 5


Episode 6: Explore the leadership opportunities offered by radical new technologies and how the inception of future technologies will further change us.

Listen Now | Download Podcast – Ep. 6


Episode 7: Examine leadership through the lens of gender and what modern leaders must do to make workplaces more diverse and inclusive.

Listen Now | Download Podcast – Ep. 7


Episode 8: Learn about the complexities of identifying enduring leadership values in today’s world and whether or not morality in leadership still matters.

Listen Now | Download Podcast – Ep. 8


Episode 9: Understand the importance of situational fluency and what the world’s leaders need now to make sense of the future.

Listen Now | Download Podcast – Ep. 9


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About the Hosts

The hosts of this podcast advise the world’s leaders. These include: heads of state, entrepreneurs, key investors, politicians, CEOs, senior politicians, humanitarian organizations, military leaders, educationalists and scientists all over the world.


Chris Lewis is the founder and CEO of LEWIS. He is a skilled media trainer who has coached senior politicians, business people and celebrities. Chris is also a published author and journalist who has written for the Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Times and The Guardian. Since founding LEWIS in 1995, it has grown at an average rate in excess of 25 per cent per annum to become one of the largest independent marketing and communications agencies in the world.


Dr. Pippa Malmgren is an economist and an entrepreneur. She advised President George W. Bush, currently works closely with the British government and the world’s largest financial and military organizations. Her best-selling book Signals is about anticipating events like the Financial Crisis, the slowdown in China, Brexit and Trump through every-day signs and common sense. She travels widely and is a frequent author and broadcaster. She also founded global success story H Robotics, a high-tech manufacturer of drones.

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