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Sarah Schacht

Published on

February 17, 2019


agency life, marketing

As a Marketing generalist at LEWIS, I am always juggling and planning multiple projects, and tasks at any one time. I have the unique position to be able to work in-house to market the agency, collaborate and practice managing projects with all the departments, globally across the organization.

Personal Project Management Tips:



How do I stay on target, on time, organized and meet my short and long-term goals? Here are a few of my top tips and management skills that help keep me on track and increase productivity. These could apply to larger projects, small day-to-day tasks, your personal life and everything in between.


I know some people might be against the dreaded to-do list, but they have always worked for me. There is something so satisfying about crossing a task off my to-do list.

For daily management, I use a simple process, a pen and paper checklist. I write down everything I need to do for the day and have fun crossing them off one-by-one. I also am a proponent of task management tools, like Asana or Microsoft Planner, for larger collaborative projects, time tracking and for assigning task lists to others as well.


Calendars are my friend. I am constantly looking at them, whether on my phone, in Outlook, on my project management tool or even printed monthly calendars that I can put a pen to.

I mentioned project management software above, that provide reminders delivered straight to your inbox. But for personal to-do’s and to never miss a deadline, I set appointment reminders right in my Outlook calendar.

For larger projects, I always start with a work-back schedule from the day the project is due, I fill in major milestones or tasks that need to be completed. A schedule is an important tool for keeping any project on track, help the learning process and to keep others accountable, especially if you are the project leader.


More often than not, your projects will involve several other people and the most important thing is keeping everyone on the same page. It’s crucial to communicate, even overly so by way of emails, progress meetings, etc. For ongoing project and campaigns, I will usually send the team a weekly recap and progress email along with upcoming tasks and deadlines.


Follow up is key as well for a healthy workflow and successful project. Friendly reminders to project stakeholders along the way may be helpful. Also, if a deadline has passed – don’t be afraid to nudge a little! Most likely, people are just super busy and would appreciate a nudge.

These are just a few everyday task management tips to keep me organized and on track. But I have found that we all operate in different ways, so find what works best for you.


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