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Published on

April 22, 2019


content marketing, white paper

White Paper: The Ultimate Guide for a B2B Content Strategy

Content marketing has quickly developed into one of the most important elements in the B2B marketing mix. The rapid ascent of content marketing fuels the importance of putting a content strategy in place. After all, if you are serious about content marketing, you can’t succeed without a strategy.

But what is a content strategy built on? What are its elements? In this white paper, we walk through the entire process of developing a content strategy, from planning to execution. The LEWIS content strategy framework defines 10 questions – these are all you’ll need to ask (and answer!) in order to develop a content strategy.

Here’s what the white paper will cover:

Phases of your strategy

Learn all about the main phases that your content strategy should focus on, from strategic elements to planning through to execution.

Strategy Checklist

Find out the 10 most important questions that your plan should ask and answer.

The importance for B2B

Discover why it’s so important for B2B companies to have a content strategy in place and learn the common mistakes to avoid.





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