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Flint Public Art Project




Community Causes

Inspiring residents to reimagine the city


Flint Public Art Project organizes public events, workshops and temporary installations to inspire residents to reimagine the city, reclaim vacant and underutilized buildings and lots, and use innovative tools to steer Flint’s long-range planning. Flint Public Art Project supports collaborations among local residents and organizations as well as with leading artists, architects, planners and community organizers from around the world, connecting Flint to regional, national and global movements to revitalize neighborhoods and cities through art and design. The project documents and amplifies the many ways local residents, businesses and institutions are transforming Flint and its public image and identity and broadcasting this new story to audiences throughout the city and the world.

Why It Matters

During times of difficulty, people naturally turn to art as an outlet. Whether by creating or consuming, art has the ability to impact everyone emotionally and physically. TEAM LEWIS is proud to support a charity that makes art accessible to all within its community.

Flint is my home, no matter where I am in the world. The city is home to some of the most creative people that I know, that are trying to add beauty to their corner of the world in any way they can. I want to give back to the city that raised me, and towards the next generation who will experience the arts in Flint in their own special way.

– Zapporah Turner, Account Coordinator, TEAM LEWIS San Francisco

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