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Exploring the evolution of global innovation, entrepreneurialism and leadership culture

Bay to Bay references the dual centers of gravity emerging around not only the San Francisco Bay Area, but also China’s Greater Bay Area, both of which are driving the global technology sector. Bay to Bay brings together leading minds from business, government, media and academia to discuss some of today’s biggest issues around global business and innovation, including the impact of geopolitics, the war for relevance and development of talent.

The latest installment of the Bay to Bay series features an extensive study exploring U.S. marketers’ perception of China’s marketing industry. Alongside the report, our latest Bay to Bay podcast mini-series walks marketers through the nuances of China’s marketing landscape while delivering tactical insights for tapping into the region’s distinct audiences. The podcast features industry experts and thought leaders across the San Francisco Bay and China’s Greater Bay Area.

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Stay tuned for our podcast series, Bay to Bay: Decoding Marketing in China

Research Report: A Marketer’s Guide to the Chinese Market

As far as exciting and innovative economic hubs go, none are arguably as complex as China. Regions like China’s Greater Bay Area (GBA) are undergoing a transformation into an economic enclave of people, goods and services. The country’s development stands as one of the many reasons U.S.-based businesses are funneling marketing efforts into the region. Market opportunity remains relatively untapped and primed for expansion, a testament to China’s ascension in the global marketplace. As China remains a priority market in the United States, we set to find out U.S. marketers’ perceptions of entering the unique market.

In our latest study, “Decoding China”, we polled 350 U.S. marketers across a variety of industries in order to gain a better understanding of their insights, interests and the challenges they may face when expanding into China. Our findings dive into the growing prominence of China as a key market while highlighting a disconnect between the confidence and vigor of market entry versus the pain point and roadblocks marketers may encounter.

A LEWIS Podcast: Bay to Bay – Decoding Marketing in China

Marketing is not a rinse and repeat operation, especially when it comes to unique markets like China. Our recent study, “Decoding China,” discovers that despite this sentiment, 41% of U.S. marketers apply the same marketing strategies to Chinese audiences as they do domestically, even with differences in platforms, demographics and culture.

Don’t sleepwalk into China’s marketing industry. With our help, you can run!

Get insights on the Chinese market and more from our latest podcast mini-series, “Bay to Bay: Decoding Marketing in China.” Tune in as industry experts across time zones discuss a range of topics: social media marketing in China, structuring marketing teams for global success, media buying and more.

Watch this space and stay tuned for more.

Bay to Bay Over the Years

Last year, we set out to explore the tech race between the industry’s home base, Silicon Valley, to emerging rival, China’s Greater Bay Area. We invited a panel of leading journalists to events in San Francisco, Hong Kong and Shenzhen to discuss the latest tech revolution, and the effects on both the U.S. and China’s innovation, investments and talent resources.

Need a quick recap? Check it out here or watch the video.

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