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August 19, 2019


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Le Podcast 360 est un podcast mensuel sur les relations publiques (RP) et Digital Marketing. Nos experts parlent des dernières tendances et des meilleures pratiques pour vous tenir au courant.

EPISODE 01: Content & SEO – The Perfect Match

In this episode of The 360, we sit down with Hannah Brozek (Content Marketing Manager), Dustin McManus (Senior Content Specialist), and Nicole Grodesky (SEO Director) to discuss the marriage between SEO and Content Marketing and how each practice should inform the other. We dive into how to apply SEO tactics and best practice to get your content seen.

EPISODE 02: The Importance of a Content Strategy

In this episode of The 360, we talk with Freek Janssen, Head of Content for EMEA all about the current trends in content marketing and the importance of having a solid content strategy in place. Discover his top ten checklist items to follow to successfully build your content strategy.

EPISODE 03: Chatbots in Crisis Comms

In this episode of The 360, we have special guest, CEO and Founder, Chris Lewis, with us to discuss the role and rise of chatbots in crisis communications. We dive into the various channels and types of crisis situations that a chatbot can serve as well where they fit in as we look at the future of communications.

EPISODE 04: Survey Says! You Need Market Research

In this episode, we chat with the LEWIS Research Team, Sr. Research Analyst, Jack Esslinger, Sr. Research Manager, Amy Garrick, and VP of Research and Insights, Matt Robbins, to explore what market research entails and how it can help measure your brand and inform your marketing strategy.

EPISODE 05: What’s Up With ABM?

In this episode, we talk with our Digital Marketing experts DeAnna Jacobson and Teun van den Acker, to discuss what account-based marketing is, the importance of the ideal customer profile and how ABM can support your business objectives.