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19 April 2018


How to Develop a PR Strategy Based on a Hype Cycle

Today it’s blockchain, yesterday was Bring Your Own Device, and who knows what tomorrow may bring? Don’t give in to the temptation to follow every hype – your PR strategy can bring the focus your organization needs.

Interestingly, every new hype seems to follow the same stages of a hype cycle, making it easier to predict how hypes will develop. This predictability can help you as a specialist in communications, PR or content marketing to develop a strategy.

In this webinar, hosted by Freek Janssen, Head of Content EMEA, we discuss the phases that hypes tend to follow and how your PR and content strategy should be different in each stage.

During this session, we explain how to claim expertise in a fast-paced sector by covering:

  • Picking the right topics and distinguishing yourself
  • Developing a distinctive hook and unique voice
  • Understanding the phases of a hype cycle
  • Creating PR strategies based on these phases