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Ayah Karadsheh

Published on

February 7, 2019


digital marketing, social media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you’re probably aware of the rise of everyone’s favorite addiction: social media. They’re the first platforms we touch when we wake up, and the content we fall asleep scrolling through. There’s hardly a dinner table left in America without someone taking a mid-meal break to check for the latest posts on their feeds. In a world where social has become the kingpin of media, brands need a strong presence across platforms to maintain relevance and establish a direct line of contact with consumers.

When you think of your favorite brands on social media, the first few that come to mind are probably not financial services, IT management, manufacturing or construction companies. That’s because, more often than not, B2B companies have either grappled with understanding the impact of social media or have just neglected it entirely.

On the other hand, there is no shortage of B2C brands capturing people’s interest with their dynamic online presence. Therefore, for B2B companies trying to stay relevant in today’s market, the time has come to steal a few pages from the B2C social media handbook! Sure, cybersecurity and healthcare aren’t as “sexy” as a celebrity apparel line, but that doesn’t mean B2C gets to have all the fun.

Here are some tips and tricks for B2B companies looking to get in on the action:

Show Em’ Why You’re Worth It

To gain (and then retain) a following, a business’ social channel needs to provide some sort of benefit to its following. Whether it be providing thought leadership on relevant industry topics, comedic relief, or aesthetic pleasure, there needs to be a reason for followers to come on board and continue coming back! With the average human’s attention span dwindling day by day, it’s also important to keep the content you are posting diverse. Mix up the media you are using by pairing posts with stock imagery, a custom social card, GIFs, or even short videos, depending on the platform. Additionally, it’s imperative to establish a consistent posting cadence so you’re creating an ongoing dialogue with your audience.

It’s OK to Mix Business and Pleasure

Now here’s something truly revolutionary – your followers (with the exception of the occasional bot) are human beings! Therefore, it’s important to make them feel like they are following another person instead of a brand. To do so, posts should be a diverse blend of brand, curated third-party content, and references to current events. It’s important not to inundate them with brand-centric information as that makes the channel seem “salesy” and egotistical.

Another key way to humanize your brand’s social media presence is through post copy. Copy should always be consistent in style and tone to create an authentic brand voice. Also, don’t hold back when it comes to throwing in emojis, relevant hashtags and mentions! Just because you are posting about something technical, doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up. If you need a little extra guidance on drafting meaningful social copy, we’ve got you covered here.

Get Engaged (Without Getting Down on One Knee)!

They don’t call it “social” media for nothing! Jokes aside, how a brand interacts with their community is crucial to their social media presence. This is often referred to in the industry as community management, here are a couple ways you can cultivate your social communities:

  1. Reply! Yep. It’s that simple. If followers are commenting on posts, make sure you are actively replying. According to research, the vast majority of customers are now turning to social media for customer care, and they want responses FAST. However, responses don’t only need to pertain to complaints or queries. You can reply to users’ posts praising your brand or even respond to other companies discussing a topic relevant to your industry.
  2. Incorporate questions into your posts to create a dialogue with followers. Asking them for feedback or their opinions makes them feel like their voice is valued by your business. At the end of the day, a consumer is more likely to be loyal to a brand they feel connected to.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! If you’re ready to cash in on the media monster that is social, transform your B2B dialogue, and take your business to the next level, drop us a line here.

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