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January 20, 2022


New report from TEAM LEWIS in partnership with GWI reveals key trends for brands.

TEAM LEWIS, the global marketing agency, launched its latest trends guide in partnership with market research firm GWI today. The report dives into how today’s multi-moment audience is evolving and the changes the pandemic has brought about in today’s marketing multiverse. Markets covered in the report include Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, UK and US.

“It’s no longer as simple as getting in front of your audience with a single message as many times as possible,” says Simon Billington, Executive Creative Director at TEAM LEWIS. “Consumer expectations of a brand’s interaction with them is clear. They want unique, attention-grabbing creativity delivered in a personalized way. The complexity of message and the vehicle the message is delivered in is paramount to success.”

With a rise in screen time and device ownership, unrestrained social media usage and growing concerns surrounding privacy, today’s audiences have an increased desire to impact the world around them. These shifts point to three key themes covered in the report – ending monotony to avoid marketing immunity, understanding how mood can impact an audience, and tapping into key motivators to foster more meaningful connections.

Key findings include:

  • Screen time
    • Screen time continues to grow in most countries, with the exception of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and the US
    • Hong Kongers & Malaysians prefer to spend more time on their mobile devices compared to PCs, laptops and tablets
  • Device ownership
    • Globally, audiences own at least three devices
    • Malaysians on average own fewer than three devices but spend the most time on the internet globally. The US, UK, Germany and Italy are above the global average when it comes to device ownership.
  • Social Media usage
    • APAC countries use an average of four platforms daily
    • Western Europe has the lowest usage, with fewer than three platforms daily
  • Attitudes towards privacy
    • Globally, the top concern amongst consumers is how companies use their personal data online (39%) followed by a preference to maintain anonymity online (34%)
  • Today’s marketing landscape
    • Leading channels
      • The website is still king – 56% visited a brand’s website in the last month
      • Newsletters are still effective – 26% read an email or newsletter from a brand
    • Expectations of consumers
      • Global consumers unanimously want brands to be reliable, authentic and innovative
    • The rise of Audio
      • In the last three years, there has been an increase in consumption of music streaming services and podcasts
      • Australia & Singapore are seeing the most growth in music streaming and podcast listenership YOY
    • Skepticism with social media
      • Only 23% of consumers globally think social media is good for society
      • Malaysians are the most positive about social media, with 40% seeing it as a force for good

Download the Marketing in 2022: Multi-Moment Audience report here.  

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