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January 19, 2023


2023 Brand success will need innovation, sustainability and inclusivity

TEAM LEWIS, the global marketing agency, has just launched its predictions for the year ahead. The report focuses on 23 trends to look out for. Technological advancements, sustainability products and the recession are becoming key pivot points for where various industries and brands are headed.

“No-one wants a recession, but they are good for challenger brands”, says Noah Dye, Executive Vice President of the US at TEAM LEWIS. “A slow-down triggers innovation and rewards enterprise. Put simply, it’s an opportunity to ‘zig’ when everyone else is ‘zagging’.”

The trends highlight the opportunities for change and growth.

The Metaverse

Screentime is higher than ever, especially in the 18-25 years old demographic. Along with emerging social platforms like Twitch, Discord, and BeReal, the collaboration between social media and artificial intelligence (AI) is just getting started.

Marketing Shifts

Augmented reality and micro-influencers are changing the retail space quickly and brands need to keep up. There are opportunities for marketing to use cross-brand strategies to strengthen outreach and customer relationships.

The Environment

Supply chains will become more transparent as sustainable products and services will be in high demand. Customers will ask more questions regarding how ‘green’ their products and services are. Brands beware!

Welcoming Change

The most prominent theme is the emphasis on, and potential for, change. Our industry as well as others will accelerate innovation to respond to the challenge of change.


Read the predictions here.

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