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August 15, 2018


~ Gains immediate endorsement from academic, commercial, financial humanitarian, sporting, political, philanthropic and military leaders globally ~ ~ Publishes in the UK with Kogan Page on October 3rd, 2018 ~

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London, UK – 15 August 2018 – Former White House advisor Dr Pippa Malmgren has teamed up with Chris Lewis, founder of one of the largest independent communications agencies in the world, to write The Leadership Lab: Understanding Leadership in the 21st Century. Published by Kogan Page, it is a book designed to help leaders navigate the rapidly-changing world of the 21st Century.

Malmgren and Lewis rationalise the findings of the world’s most powerful and forward-thinking minds in The Leadership Lab. During a series of LEWIS Advisory Board roundtable events held around the world, the authors chaired discussions on modern leadership. Alongside a variety of leaders including scientists, politicians, economists, artists, academics and military heads, they examined the key trends facing leaders today.

The findings are explored in depth in The Leadership Lab, which:

  • Includes exclusive research from executives grappling with a new world order and unique insight into what global trends keep them awake at night.
  • Denounces antiquated thinking about male-female roles, corporate culture, the emphasis on short-term thinking and egotistical posturing.
  • Uses the visual and intellectual concept of ‘The Kythera’ to illustrate and identify eight spokes of change that have paradoxical impacts. These are defined as Information, Internationalism, Immediacy, Intelligence, Infrastructure, Inception, Inclusivity and Inspiration. Their opposite counterparts are Inundation, Insularity, Impatience, Ignorance, Isolation, Incapacity, Inequality and Insurgency. The book proposes that this paradoxical interconnectivity requires a shift in thinking and that these ‘quantum super positions’ are at the heart of the problems leaders face.
  • Shows that leadership is being placed under pressure by the interruptive insistent overload in communications and that this has a negative effect on creativity, imagination and mental health.
  • Concludes that the economic response to change has been a short-termism that has created record levels of debt and inflation which has led to inequality and instability.
  • Reviews the nature of change in China, America, Russia, Europe and the Middle East and shows how the global infrastructure is being changed by new capital flows with new global physical infrastructures being built out of China.

Chris Lewis comments: “The turmoil we’re seeing can only be held at bay by a return to enduring rather than ephemeral values. Leaders need to be better, not just do better. They need to demonstrate how they add value to their local communities. The world is changing, and leaders need to change with it. This is a handbook for those who want to take up the challenge.”The book launch comes as LEWIS grows its services for leaders, including LEWIS EXPRO, a tailored consultancy designed to increase and protect the personal brand of business leaders.

About the authors

Dr Pippa Malmgren is an economist, megatrends analyst and entrepreneur. A former White House Presidential adviser, she now advises the British Government and the world’s largest financial and military organisations. Her best-selling book, Signals, explains how she forecasted the great financial crisis, the slowdown in China, Brexit and rise of American nationalism. Chris Lewis is an entrepreneur and author of the best-seller on ideas Too Fast to Think. He is a former journalist and founder of one of the largest creative agencies in the world.

About Kogan Page

Kogan Page is the leading independent global publisher of business books and content with over 1000 titles in print. Founded in 1967, its award-winning work offers books and digital solutions for professional practice and academic achievement. Its expert authors come from the most prestigious academic institutions, international commercial organizations and professional associations, delivering high-level, accessible and professional content in key subject areas relating to business and management. Kogan Page has offices in London, New York and New Delhi.

About Kogan Page Inspire Series

Kogan Page Inspire offers insightful analyses of the new, VUCA world of business, from digital transformation to the age of artificial intelligence and beyond. Written by influential business leaders and building on Kogan Page’s reputation for excellence in the fields of leadership and management, these books will inspire you to think differently.


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