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Jen Wu

Published on

December 16, 2020


agency life, culture

When I used to read Choose Your Own Adventure novels, I always had all my fingers hovered over to the various scenarios because I just wanted to keep my options open. Today, in our agency world, you can do just that!

Have you ever asked if agency life is right for you? Working in a global marketing agency like LEWIS offers a wide variety of career pathways — whatever your passion, experience or interests may be. We often hear or talk about the convergence of different services across agencies: PR agencies moving into digital, digital moving into content, advertising doing PR. What this actually means is that the world of agency has become one in which you can choose your own adventure.

Curious to find out what life at LEWIS is like? Keep reading!

1. Left or Right Brain – There’s Room for Both

Whether you are someone who is process-oriented or works best without parameters, someone who digests information better visually or wants it all detailed word-by-word, we offer opportunities for both sets.

The way your mind works often helps define the role you’re best suited for and in today’s integrated agency offering, there’s a role for any left brain or right brain thinker. If you’re asking yourself “I don’t even know what left brain and right brain means. How can I complete the quiz?!”, here are a couple of easy assessments you can do to find out.

2. StopCollaborate. Listen!

As a full-service marketing consultancy, we work cohesively as one. This applies across capabilities, teams, countries or industries. It is important that all team members have a holistic understanding of the different service offerings in order to provide true consultancy to our clients on what marketing program best fits with their business objectives.

At LEWIS, our client-facing team members also have a hand at building content. Our developers work hand-in-hand with our creatives. Our analytics capabilities are part of our client servicing teams and our HR team members get involved in new biz brainstorming sessions!

This level of awareness amongst the team means individuals are far more conscious about the work their peers engage in each day. It means greater exposure to the adventure around them. More importantly, it means you are able to expand to new capabilities far easier.

3. Growth and Learning Opportunities Are Limitless

We are a multi generation: a multi-tasking, multi-attention generation. We know that one strength does not mean you can only do one job. A visual person doesn’t just have to be a creative, they may also have the abilities to be a Social Media Manager. An analytical person doesn’t just have to dive deep into data. They may also have the qualities to be a great Account Manager. Whatever your key strengths are, you’ll have the support to develop your potential in other practices.

So, are you ready for a new adventure? Find out more about our culture to see where you fit in or contact us today.

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