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March 3, 2020


content marketing, SEO

These days writers are tasked with tackling all sorts of content marketing materials. From blog posts to social copy to e-books, the list goes on. But when your content team is tasked with writing a blog post for SEO, do they really understand what that means? In this podcast, we get our Director of SEO, Nicole Grodesky, together with Content Specialist Brianna Hernandez and hosts Hannah Brozek and Dustin McManus to discuss how important it is to incorporate SEO best practices into every web page for an SEO-friendly content strategy.

Google says “write for the user” and “create quality content” but what does that mean when it comes to writing content? It’s important for all writers to incorporate basic SEO strategy. This includes:

  • Keeping elements such as keyword research, title tags, meta descriptions, and internal links top of mind.
  • Adding relevant long-tail keywords into your content, which will help you rank higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for a target search term. This is largely because Google added a semantic AI update called RankBrain, which you can learn more about here.
  • Striking a balance between approved brand messaging and SEO-friendly phrasing
  • Following the Google content quality guidelines

By implementing some of these best practices into your content work, you should start seeing page rankings go up and overall search volume increase. As a result, this will help drive brand awareness, fill the top of your funnel, deepen paid search retargeting cookie pool, and potentially increase quality leads/sales.

So, take a cue from Warner Bros. and make SEO an essential element to your content marketing strategy. By doing so, your writing will be seen by a relevant audience and your brand will be able to reap the benefits.

Want to learn more about all things content marketing? Stay tuned for our next episode where we’ll explore the integration between PR and content. To catch more episodes of “Confessions of a Content Creator,” be sure to rate, review and subscribe to our podcast. You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and most anywhere you get your podcasts from. See you next time!

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