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Courtney Imel

Published on

July 26, 2022


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Learn how B2B brands can benefit from a LinkedIn Retargeting Campaign and help move users down the funnel.

With the recent spike in LinkedIn user engagement levels, it’s no surprise that B2B marketers have turned to the professional networking social media platform as a key focus for paid media marketing investment. More specifically, they’re investing in LinkedIn retargeting ad tactics which have proven to influence key decision makers throughout the buyer journey. The LinkedIn Audience Network gives advertisers access to a network of professionals that have 2x the buying power of an average web audience.  

Furthermore, what makes LinkedIn retargeting campaigns an effective tactic to engage the audience through each stage of the buyer journey is the ability to customize and tailor content and messaging to your matched audience based on actions they have taken with your brand. Whether the goal is to increase brand awareness or engage new prospects, there is a solution with LinkedIn retargeting ads. 

Amplify Your Results

Drive strategic engagement and expand your reach by elevating your media strategy with paid amplification.

LinkedIn Retargeting Audiences Drive Results 

Effective retargeting campaigns move users through the buyer journey, closer toward a purchase and further down the sales funnel. LinkedIn advertising offers several primary retargeting audiences through campaign manager that allow you to design your next ad campaign to engage your target audience and increase conversions.  

Website Retargeting

  • 92% of first-time website visitors are not likely to make a purchase, which makes website retargeting one of the most fundamental audiences to consider. By installing the LinkedIn Insight Tag, you can retarget website visitors to specific pages or a combination of pages and track conversions and user data.  
  • Pro-Tip: Since website traffic and volume may be low when launching a new website, we recommend running a LinkedIn ads brand awareness campaign driving traffic to your website to build up the retargeting audience pool over time.

Video Ad Retargeting

  • Video retargeting allows you to build a custom audience based on users that viewed a video ad in a prior campaign for up to 25%, 50%, 75% and 97% of video view completion.
  • Pro-Tip: Run a two-phased LinkedIn ads campaign retargeting users that have engaged with a higher funnel video in a prior campaign by engaging them with a lower funnel gated asset in the second phase.

Lead Form Retargeting

  • Create audiences based on users that open or submit a lead form from a prior LinkedIn Lead Generation campaign with options from 30 days-365 days in the past.
  • Pro-Tip: Given that lead form retargeting matched audiences are typically on the smaller side in volume, we recommend layering lead form retargeting audiences on to a larger audience to re-engage users that may require additional nurturing.

A Two-Phased Approach

The key to success for any LinkedIn retargeting campaign is to invest in brand awareness marketing efforts to build and increase engagement with your target audience over time — whether it’s via driving traffic to your website, running video viewer campaigns, or LinkedIn Lead Form campaigns. This will allow you to build awareness in market while increasing the retargeting audience pools used in the lower funnel Demand Generation campaigns that have proven to be successful in driving quality leads and sales.  

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