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Rachel Albrecht

Published on

June 8, 2022


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Looking to build brand awareness? Hire top talent? If so, your business must have a social media presence on LinkedIn.

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In April 2022, the LinkedIn platform saw “record levels” of user engagement with a 34% increase in revenue. This has increased as workers continue to leverage the website as a connective platform among colleagues while working remotely. Additionally, this growth comes in part from The Great Resignation, which has pushed employees to update their LinkedIn profiles and apply to jobs, whether or not they are actively looking.

As LinkedIn continues to grow, it is vital for businesses to showcase their unique company culture by optimizing their LinkedIn company page and capitalizing on this growing professional platform. Below are several tips to grow and manage a LinkedIn company page, spanning from small businesses to the enterprise level.

Build it out

Ready to secure more views? A LinkedIn business page that completes all the basic information gains 30% more views than those that do not.

An easy place to start is to add a company logo and cover photo. Your profile picture and cover image should reflect your business’s branding and fall in line with the correct sizing for LinkedIn.

Next, make sure to tackle the Tagline and Overview sections. A tagline should be less than 120 characters (less is more!) and remain consistent across all other social media channels. The Overview section is an introduction to your organization in under 2,000 characters, or about one paragraph. This is a great opportunity to optimize your page with keyword research on the industry, or what is trending within your target audience.

LinkedIn Company Page About info example

Example of a complete company page

Beneath the overview section, make sure to update all information, including the website, company size, locations, etc. Also include a call-to-action button to attract clients, job seekers and more to visit your website.

Create a Content Strategy

LinkedIn reports that companies that post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement. Once your company page is built out, the next step is to build a content strategy.

Creating a content calendar is the first step in developing content on a regular basis. A creative way to fill out your calendar is to leverage hashtags on various days. Hashtags can be company branded, fall on social media holidays, promote events and be business specific (i.e. #OpenToWork). Social listening is also a helpful tool to explore new trends that are making your audience buzz.

The next step is to focus on types of LinkedIn content to promote. Articles, images, graphics, and video are great content that can be tailored to a LinkedIn audience.

Articles can range from blog posts, press releases, and relevant content from third parties. Keep an eye on relevant media coverage that can promote your brand in a positive light.

Example of a video post

According to Hootsuite, posts with photos, infographics, slides, or videos receive 98% more comments than text-only posts. Videos also gain 5x more engagements than the other assets. Incorporating engaging visuals into posts is vital for successful content.

Using a variety of media will help build your content strategy for LinkedIn. Make sure to keep tabs on what content performs the best, and be prepared to adapt!

Employees and Jobs

30% of the engagement on LinkedIn company posts come from the company’s employees. Include your business’s biggest cheerleaders by encouraging them to follow the company profile and engage with your content.

Once employees are following the page, focus on creating content that will keep them engaged. One tactic is to leverage employee spotlights that tag individuals. These posts will be shared with their whole social network, blasting the post to a brand new audience.

Example of LinkedIn employee feature

LinkedIn members are also often open to exploring and discussing new opportunities, including the ones at your company. Therefore LinkedIn Jobs can be a key differentiator of the platform from other social media websites. To attract potential candidates and grow your page, consider sharing open roles at your organization through job postings.

What’s Next?

Once these steps have been taken, expect your LinkedIn page to attract an influx of customers, job applicants and new followers. Discover the growth that can come from leveraging paid advertising on LinkedIn as well.

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