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Anri Rogers

Published on

November 2, 2023


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Whether you’re just starting out to become an influencer or a business trying to pop off on social media platforms, it’s good to ask yourself… where do I start? How do I go #VIRAL?

As an influencer and a marketing expert, I’m about to share some key tips with you that will help expand your social media content journey. In this generation, where people have shorter and shorter attention spans, it’s essential to grab attention in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re posting on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, your social media post should be easy to digest. Before I dive in too much here, let me break it down for you. So, let’s get started on your journey to growing your social media accounts.

Where do I start?

Before strategizing on content and putting anything out there, it’s important to understand your target audience. What type of demographic do you want to attract, and what industry are they in? Yes, you can go viral with a random video, but it could affect or negatively impact you in the long run. By understanding your demographic, you know what type of content you can test or not test and get a better understanding of specific challenges or trends to stay away from. However, if there is a trend to jump onto, it is key to be very timely. Time is of the essence when it comes to getting a viral hit.

Going Viral = Getting a Reaction

In marketing, we call getting a reaction by terms like social shares, engagements, clicks, and comments. But honestly, it’s about someone simply looking at your content and reacting even before hitting that share button. Have you ever watched a short video of 6 seconds (like a Vine video), that you just kept watching over and over again before even hitting share or save? You’re simply hooked. Once that reaction happens in the brain first, it becomes a chain reaction of people sharing the content like a domino effect on social media platforms. That’s the magic of viral success.

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What is good content?

Social media content can be tricky. You can work hard on video content for hours to get two likes and randomly post a video that you didn’t put much thought into to get 10,000 likes and crazy social shares. People might call it luck, but there are ways to increase the probability of going viral. It comes down to research, consistency, and acting quickly.

From research, the sweet spot of viral content is less than 30 seconds. Nowadays, it’s at about 12 seconds. People have shorter attention spans, and it takes a specific type of content for people to view it for a long time. People gravitate towards high-quality content. What’s interesting about this generation is that people are starting their social network journey with iPhones.

Great content is the type that people can resonate with, learn from, and where it moves their emotions.

What are some tips?

  1. Pick a list of trending topics
  2. Make a list of viral content
  3. Shoot content aligning the topic with the viral content
  4. Post away! (Aim to post at least 3-4 times a week)

When it comes to content marketing in this generation, you can go through fatigue as a content creator or a social media manager. Making a list of trending topics and producing as much content as possible helps to have content flowing consistently. Viral content is photos and videos that are easy to digest. Posting shareable content helps to blow up your posts.

The hardest tip out of all the given steps is to implement the process. Be quick, stay relevant, and test the boundaries!

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How does content go viral?

It’s essential to stay up to speed on the algorithm updates to raise the probability that your content will go viral. We’ve all heard of likes, shares, saves, and comments, right? But how do we have people actually commit to those reactions? Utilizing call-to-action (aka CTA) within an image, video content, or copy itself increases the chances of people properly responding to your content to boost the chance of your content going viral. Boost brand awareness by effectively navigating the reactions! The more people react, the more people see the content. Using CTAs is the best way to have people commit to their actions and for them to know what to do after being exposed to your content.

Here are some examples:

Post a restaurant video with a text stating, “Share this video with the person you’d like to explore this restaurant with.”

Having a video or photo with text that states, “details in the caption.”

Stating in the caption, “Comment your first @, and that person is your soulmate.”

These are simple ways to have a person take an extra step to take action. You hold the power to navigate the reaction.

The power is in your hands to get a good reaction resulting in positive emotion. As I discussed earlier in this blog post, knowing how you want to go viral is essential. Utilizing great content that aligns with your business and ethics helps the probability of your content going viral successfully.

So, let’s get started on your journey. Be consistent. Make a big impact. Go Viral.

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